Katelyn Kelly,

Managing Director


I began my career in the wedding industry in 2012, and got much more involved in the industry as a bride myself when my husband Tom and I were married on August 31st, 2013.  While planning our big day, I was constantly searching for inspiration, but also for more information about the next steps.  Needless to say, I never quite found that information, which is why I decided to stay in the industry. Upon graduation, I completed a wedding planning course and then started working for a local decoration and design company.  During this time I was able to gain more knowledge of the industry and realized what I truly wanted to do- work for a wedding venue!  My mission is to help our clients and guests to have a wonderful event that they will remember forever.

As the years go on, I continue to gain great experience designing and assisting with our weddings and events. As my experience continues to grow, so does my passion to educate and inspire those who are looking to host the “perfect” event.  I constantly look for new ways to provide inspiration and insight to brides, grooms, and others looking to have that perfect wedding or event.  What truly makes an event great is what is in the details, and that is what we specialize in!


Working in the industry (and also being a bride who was “absolutely clueless”) has played a big role in helping me shape and focus my goals, but my biggest roll in life started on October 17th, 2017 when I became a mom to our little boy, Wade Russell. Since July of 2018 I decided to step back from work life and be a full time mom! On November 22nd, 2019 we added a beautiful little girl, Elaine Luree, to our family.  After this year and a half break I realized how much I missed the wedding industry and the connections I make with our clients.   On January 1st, 2020 I decided to step back into the work world and take on full operations of The Regency! I am looking forward to this new chapter in life and finding the perfect work/mom life balance!